Full body scanners: less effective than dogs.

Full body scanners at airports. Sure, they may be expensive. Sure, they display you naked to airport security employees. If they prevent planes being blown out of the sky, though, that’s a price worth paying. Right? How about if claims for their effectiveness are hugely exaggerated and there’s another, far more sensible, option available at a fraction of the cost?


The video above demonstrates clearly that people who really need to detect bombs completely eschew full body scanners in favour of … dogs. Both the FBI and the US military train our canine friends in bomb detection rather than install £100,000 monstrosities to do the job.

That means no naked images of you just because you want to travel by plane. No risk of the radiation doing something truly bizarre to your DNA (as detailed in this article from the New Scientist). And the difference in cost? Just over £94,000.

One flight attendant in the US was actually forced to remove her prosthetic breast as she passed through airport security. Meanwhile, in Russia, where they have actually experienced a ‘bra bomb’, they rely on dogs rather than subjecting female passengers to humiliation.

It’s time to give full body scanners up as the dangerous waste of money they are. Besides, airports can be really dull. Having a few dogs around could really brighten them up!

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