Full body scanners; this is getting silly!

We’re impressed. The lunacy that is the installation and operation of full body scanners at airports around the world has hit a pitch even we doubted was possible. American news channels report that a TSA undercover agent successfully concealed a gun in her underwear and passed through scanners at Dallas Fort Worth airport ‘several times’.

Yep. An employee of the TSA demonstrated comprehensively that the security apparatus that same organisation touts so eagerly is completely ineffective against the threat it is supposedly combatting. It’s tragedy played as farce. Fox News places the total cost of full body scanners to the US taxpayer at $25 million. That’s the amount of stimulus money that has been poured into them. When we think about how much good that money could have done directed towards public health or education, we’re mind-boggled.

We know from experience, of course, that where the US leads the rest of the world tends to follow, so please publicise this post to help us raise awareness of the futile, dangerous nature of full body scanners.

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