Libya: Berlusconi under fire for agreeing to bombing

It’s not exactly the most altruistic of motives for wanting to prevent further bombing in Libya. Senior figures in Italy’s Northern League, coalition partners to Silvio Berlusconi‘s government, are protesting Italy’s involvement in military action on the grounds that prolonging the chaos in Libya will catalyse a huge influx of refugees. The situation represents a conflict of loyalties for Berlusconi, and suggests that political expediency is a stronger motivating force than the well-being of the Libyan people.

Roberto Maroni, interior minister and prominent member of the Northern League, does at least have something sensible to say, even if his reasons for doing so may not be 100% in keeping with ours:

“Bombs by definition are not ‘smart’… a bomb destroys. What is smart is resolving a conflict without force and through diplomatic means.”

Berlusconi appears to be walking a delicate tightrope, seeking to maintain diplomatic relations with the US while simultaneously attempting to placate his coalition partners. How, we wonder, is any of this serving the people of Libya?

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