MoD demands: this one’s a doozy

We just have to share this. If you’ve been following the progress of Toby Harnden’s tales of MoD censorship, you’ll already have seen evidence of some pretty nefarious wrangling. With his most recent post, he reveals that the MoD reneged on an agreement that sections of text would be blacked-out and demanded that Harnden and his publisher enter into a lengthy renegotiation of the finished text.

When did they do this? After the books had already been printed, and literally a day before they were due to hit bookshelves. In ohter words, meeting the MoD’s request would have delayed the book’s release indefinitely, a consequence we can safely assume the MoD was aware of.

Once again, we find ourselves wondering what purpose the MoD was seeking to fulfill. How do they come to be so invested in removing from sale a book published with the intention of raising awareness of the true situation in Afghanistan? What agendas are they protecting?

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