People power vs CCTV: first Stoke, then the world

We spend a lot of time criticising governments and institutions for their shoddy and dangerous handling of sensitive privacy and civil liberties concerns. Rightly so, we believe — it’s imperative that powerful figures are held to account. We also believe that it’s well worth highlighting even small instances of resistance, because doing so bolsters the belief that authoritarianism and invasive practices can be challenged.

We also like to remind you that around the country, and around the world, people are coming together in community to tackle threats to our collective liberty. Together, we’re stronger than anything corporations and governments can throw at us.

In that spirit, here’s a heartwarming little tale from Stoke, where residents are clubbing together to fight the unnecessary installation of CCTV cameras that “could zoom right in and see into (their) windows”. What’s more, the cameras are slated to be installed at a local beauty spot, where they will surely prove to be a blot on the landscape.

Opposing their installation is a small step, for sure. We think, though, that it illustrates a larger principle. If we all take action on the scale at which we can hope to be effective, we’ll soon realise that we are far more powerful than the forces that would control and repress us.

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